Vintage Coil Cable on white background coiled
Vintage Coil Cable plugged in a VOX amplifier and blue electric guitar
Vintage Coil Cable plugged into a black electric guitar
Vintage Coil Cable on white background
Vintage Coil Cable storage bag

Vintage Coil Cable - Black

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High Quality Coiled Cable (29.5 feet) with Mesh Bag

The classic ‘curly cable’, the VCC has been part of some of the most historic moments in rock and roll history. A unique multi-gauge design uses individual conductor types that are optimized for their particular frequency ranges, resulting in a reliable coiled cable that is truly musical. The cable is nine meters long (29.5 feet) and comes in your choice of black, blue, red, silver or white.

coiled is just cooler. There’s no way a coiled cable will not look cool on any guitar with a classic design.

  • High quality coiled cable
  • 9 meters/29.5 feet
  • Audiophile grade materials
  • Maximum noise isolation and shielding
  • Multi-gauge OFC copper conductors
  • Precision machined gold-plated connectors

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9 Meters | 29.5 Feet

Multi gauge 99.99% purity oxygen-free, copper cable

Precision formulated polypropylene

Black, Blue, Red, Silver or White

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